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Hanif Talhah

Hanif Talhah

Managing Director

Managing Director and Co-founder of Smart Decor and Construction Company, a wholly owned Bumiputera construction company. Hanif Talhah is focused on customer satisfaction. Through his directorship, he targets compliance and governance amongst our staff to ensure that our clients benefit from our unique processes, systems and culture. He has managed all aspects of the design and project/construction management delivery chain. He is a hands on director who prides himself on being accessible for each and every project.


Hanif has been a director for a number of private companies, as well as holding senior executive positions including Managing Director throughout his career.

From its inception in 2017, Hanif Talhah has led Smart Decor and Construction Company to become a successful and reputable Construction Company in Sarawak. This success has been delivered by a team of people, who operate within a culture  focused solely on the successful completion of challenging construction projects.

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